Sous Vide & BBQ [Video] | The Tool Shed

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Sous Vide & BBQ [Video] | The Tool Shed

Sous Vide & BBQ

Sous Vide and BBQ are the perfect partners, cook your food to perfection sous vide and then finish on the bbq it couldn’t be simpler. We have all been to a bbq where the food is charred on the outside and under done on the inside, cooking your food sous vide first means you have perfectly cooked meat every time, you can even cook everything ahead of time. As the food is already cooked and you are just using the bbq as a finishing tool it also means your guests aren’t waiting too long and you can bask in the praise of how good your food is whilst hanging up your bbq apron and enjoying the party.

Our friends at Great British Chefs show you how to create a delicious rack or lamb and a slow cooked brisket.

All of the products used are available on our website should you wish to create the dishes yourself.

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