Five Must Try Sous Vide Cocktail Recipes

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Five Must Try Sous Vide Cocktail Recipes

Five Must Try Sous Vide Cocktail Recipes

Hopefully you enjoying using sous vide cooking to create perfectly tender cuts of meat just as much as we do, but did you know you can also use it to create cocktails?

It might feel a bit like you’re a mad professor, blending different concoctions, but if you get the results right you can get some fantastic cocktails.

The warmth of the water bath allows you to infuse ingredients at a much quicker rate, without losing any of the alcohol content.

In fact, did you know that sous vide cocktails are taking off in a big way in Bangkok? Read this article from Vice for more info on this great cooking method is transforming the city’s drinks culture!

We’ve picked five of our favourite sous vide cocktail recipes if you fancy trying it out for yourself:

Créme de Coco Eggnog

While it might not be the time of year at the moment, this one is a real Christmas favourite, sure to warm you up on a cold winter’s day.

Eggnog is more of a tradition in the USA, but it’s a great treat for Christmas, and what we particularly love about this recipe is that it has a slight South American twist.

Jalapeño Vodka

Not for the faint hearted, why not add a little (or a lot!) of spice to your vodka with this recipe for jalapeño vodka?

It may be slightly difficult to get the heat level just right, but with a bit of experimentation, we’re sure you can craft an explosive cocktail that your guests will be daring each other to try.

Why not go a little further use your jalapeño vodka to create some Spicy Bloody Mary?

Apple and Cardamom Gin

This recipe comes to us from Hazel Paterson from her blog, ‘It’s Not F***ing Rocket Science’ and is a great use of the sous-vide method to create something different.

Hazel uses Pink Lady apples for their natural sweetness, and infuses them with gin and green cardamom.

Feel free to add more cardamom to the recipe if you want a little more spice.

When ready try serving either straight in shot glasses or with tonic and apple for a Christmassy G&T.

Sous-Vide Ginger Brandy

Another cocktail which works great for the winter months, or any other time for that matter, is this ginger brandy which is sure to warm your cockles!

Try it in front of the fire during the colder months, or over ice as a summer treat!

Comice Pear Infused Gin and Lemon Thyme Tonic

This recipe comes from Michelin-starred chef Paul Welburn and is an autumnal twist on the classic gin and tonic.

The flavour from the comic pears and the fragrance from the lemon thyme work fantastically well in tandem to create a tasty and fruity G&T.

You could also make the gin on its own and use in other cocktails to give them a pear-infused twist.

So there you have just five of our favourite sous vide cocktail recipes, but feel free to check out our full collection.

Cocktails are a great way to get more use out of your sous vide machines, and they’re also a great talking point with your guests, who will be über impressed that you’ve added a bit of science into their drinks!