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10 Healthy Sous Vide Snacks To Try At Home | The Tool Shed

10 Healthy Sous Vide Snacks To Try At Home

Sous vide isn’t just about preparing hearty meals, and you can also use it to whip up some lighter bites to enjoy either as a side or starter or just as a snack throughout the day. Here are ten of our favourite healthy snacks which you can cook sous vide.


Once the colder months start to kick in, there’s nothing better than a nice hot bowl of soup to warm you up.

Vegetables are much more flavoursome when cooked sous vide and once they’ve cooked for 60 minutes in your water bath, all you need to do is quick chill them, ready to be added to a broth for a hearty winter warmer.

Fennel and Orange Quinoa Salad

Salads are a great healthy snack, although they can be a bit bland at times. However, this fennel and quinoa salad is anything but boring, creating a colourful and summery dish which works well as a snack on its own or as a side to a meal.

Quinoa is a great alternative to rice or potatoes and mixed which some fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong.

Sweet Potato Fries

A great to swap normal fries out of your diet is to replace them with these sweet potato fries.

Much healthier, they’re made even better for you when you cook them sous vide, as all of the nutrients are locked inside the vacuum pouch.

Spiced Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese and Hazelnut

Many people overlook butternut squash because it isn’t the easiest vegetable to prepare, but it can lead to some great results.

Try combining it with some hazelnuts and blue cheese to create a healthy snack which works well with almost anything.

Smoked Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower cheese is a real classic and can work well as a tasty and healthy side dish or snack too.

Our recipe prepares the cauliflower sous vide, before finishing it off with a smoking gun to really enhance the flavours.

English Breakfast Radish Pickled with Rice Wine Vinegar and White Soy with Wasabi Mayonnaise

In this recipe, we season radishes in vinegar, soy, castor sugar and coriander before cooking sous vide to lock in all those flavours and nutrients.

Another possible idea is to add a little bit of cider and honey in the pouch for something a bit different and to give it an extra kick, we serve up with a spicy wasabi mayonnaise!

Crispy Sous Vide Lamb Ribs with a Dip of Feta Cheese, Lemon and Tomato

If you’re serving up tapas, these crispy ribs are a delicious treat. All you need to do is season with some salt, cumin, pepper, rosemary and roasted garlic, before cooking sous vide for a couple of days, to really achieve the required tenderness.

We recommend a cheese dip in this recipe but you could also try a lime pickle, and you could also choose to mix up the sauce for a curry based version.

Sous Vide Cheshire New Potatoes Infused with Smoked Bacon Fat 

We all love potatoes, but this recipe takes them to the next level, with the sous vide method achieving the perfect level of a crispy outside and fluffy inside.

You can serve them on skewers as a canapé, or just as a side with your sous vide steak or chicken breast. We also recommend trying in a seaweed butter or with a fish dish.

Baby Parsnips

A classic with a Sunday roast, parsnips are a unique veggie which taste great when cooked sous vide.

While they’re traditionally roasted in the oven, sous vide locks in the flavour which is often lost, guaranteeing perfect results every time, especially with our honey and thyme marinade.

Crispy Grouse Leg Lollies, Cooked Sous Vide with Sloe Gin and Hibiscus Jam

For a slightly more highbrow snack, how about these crispy grouse legs with sloe gin and hibiscus jam?

The legs are marinated overnight in a ketchup, sugar Worcester sauce and vinegar sauce, and seasoned with salt, juniper, thyme and pepper, before being cooked sous vide for six to eight hours.

If the marinade doesn’t sound like your thing, it can easily be swapped out for a BBQ sauce equivalent.